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Feb 28, 2014 6:00pm PST
the government's case is weak because the cops are doing their job in a tough environment. >> part of the job is that you can't sometimes put on a public relations persona when you're dealing with drug dealers and pimps and the scumbags that they have to deal with in this kind of an assignment. so, yes, these guys are -- are real officers dealing in very dangerous and volatile environments and they have to have a tough exterior. >> reporter: a second indictment accuses officer edmond robles, sergeant ian furminger and another officer not in court today of stealing marijuana from evidence and telling informants to sell it and split the proceeds with them. some drug deals were caught on tape. an attorney for three of the cops' alleged victims claims this happens a lot. >> we have seen this and the practice that happens a lot amongst people who work undercover as drug officers they themselves become drug users. >> reporter: why does it happen? is it the culture or they get too close and they don't get involved? >> you run up on a lot of money and no one is there to watch you. >> reporter: but t
Mar 3, 2014 6:00pm PST
to be healthier and live in a better environment. i think we need to stick to our guns. >> prop 2 passed with 63% of the vote. more californians voted for prop 2 than for any other initiative in state history. as for the missouri lawsuit, a spokesperson for california's attorney general declined to comment beyond that the ag got the lawsuit. the case will be heard in fresno. >>> all right. how do you spell success? the bay area students vying for the national spelling bee. >>> plus, we put our kpix 5 anchors to the test. >> all right. >> reporter: how do you spell rain. that's an easy one. r-a-i-n. concord, walnut creek. look at the rainfall. it is getting pretty soggy out there. we'll talk about when the rain will make a return, after this round. that's coming up. >>> are the 49ers players tired of jim harbaugh. >> when i heard about it, i kind of laughed. >> not their best receiver who is coming back. >>> jimmy tries to come back, too, starting today. and, a huge come back for a local golfer. excited yet? you will be. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, spelling bee. today about 50 students all over the ba
Feb 25, 2014 6:00pm PST
that people in the bay area love on the farmer's markets, sanitizing the environment is not going to make sense for agriculture. we can't go there. >> reporter: then there's the expense like testing irrigation water once a week. >> for a smaller farm where the owners are working full time just to keep the farm afloat, it's going to be pretty much impossible. >> reporter: but this man says -- >> we feel like it can be done. >> reporter: he is senior scientist with western growers an industry group that represents some of the biggest agribusinesses in the state. >> it doesn't matter what size your farm is or your distribution. it's important to protect your consumers. >> reporter: he says members of his trade group including large organic farmers already follow strict new safety guidelines. manure is banned. composting is regulated and water testing requirements are much stricter. >> i'm unaware of anybody going out of business so far. >> reporter: back in washington, dana just hopes an agreement will come soon. >> just want to help others and make sure that they don't go through what i we
Feb 27, 2014 6:00pm PST
the ones that are more adapted to those environments to succeed. >> reporter: if you think it's just a central valley problem, think again. >> large dust cloud. >> reporter: in december 1977 california was in the middle of a major drought. strong winds near bakersfield scoured the topsoil creating a huge dust storm. it shut down highways, shut down utility towers, damaged property and killed livestock. the plume rose 5,000 feet and like a tidal wave spread hundreds of miles as far as sacramento. >> that topsoil was shipped up here and just dumped everywhere. >> reporter: in that topsoil, valley fever spores. dr. neil flynn was on duty at a sacramento hospital. >> we experienced several hundred cases of "cocci" here in sacramento from that dust storm. >> reporter: it killed 6 and spores can now be found in chico and redding. as for lauer, she knows -- >> something in the air. >> reporter: -- and all it takes is a gust of wind. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> a few cases of valley fever were reported in the bay area back in the '70s. it even killed one of the great apes at the san francisco z
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4